Classic concerns

  • Concern for vibrations in a construction project.
  • Need of tuned mass dampers or specifikation of tuned mass dampers.
  • Need of a second opinion on vibration calculations (e.g. calculations of natural frequencies or accelerations).


  • Design and delivery of tuned mass dampers, typically from 50-3000 kg.
  • Vibration measurements on a structure or part of a structure (Floors, stair cases, grand stands, balconies, stacks, wind turbines etc.)
  • Calculations and assessment of vibrations in structures before and after construction.

Simpel vibration measurements are traditionally done with sensitive and expensive accelerometers, which lead to an increased cost for vibration measurements. However, these measurements can often be completed with a smartphone, e.g. if the natural frequencies and damping is the parameters of interest.

Client Benefits

  • Competitive pricing. Rate: 120 €/hour (excl. VAT).
  • Fast problem solving, when neccesary.

Let us have an non-committal talk on your project.


  • Design of more than 50 tuned mass dampers for floors, stair cases, grand stands, pedestrian bridges and fitness centers.
  • Assessment and calculations of vibrational comfort for numerous structures in Scandinavia.


Jonas Syders Knudsen
JSK Vibrations
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